Saturday Stuff….

Happy Saturday!

1. I am loving this new iphonep app from Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess.  As a matter of fact, I am currently addicted to it.  I have edited just about every photo that I had on my camera roll, can’t…stop…playing!


2. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying my quilting class.  We had our 2nd class last week and made a quilt sandwich.  And the group of girls in the class make it that much more fun.  Looking forward to finishing it off at the next class and moving on to something new.  And I am fascinated by the new Tim Holtz fabrics, what can I make with this?

3. This is old news now but I am very excited that Dina Wakley is coming to teach at The Paperie in August!  I am enjoying the exposure that I have had to mixed media techniques through Sara and Cathie‘s classes and can’t wait to learn more!  For more information on this very exciting weekend, click here.

4.  I am planning to participate in ICAD3 starting June 1.  I had so much fun with this last year!  I am excited to try out new techniques and products and I love to see what everyone else is up to!

5.  Love how these Grade 5 students are calling Stephen Harper out for his childish and bullying behaviour.  It really pushes the issue of “attack ads” to the forefront and makes you wonder why politicians can’t focus on the issues and just what kind of role model the Prime Minister is for these young children?

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!  I hope you are taking some time to do something just for you!


Hello Long Weekend!

It’s the first sign of summer, the first long weekend of the year when everyone heads out to their cabins, cottages, parks in trailers, tents, etc. for some relaxation.  It’s been a longstanding tradition for B and I to go somewhere, anywhere on the May 24th weekend.  It almost always involves lots of food, drink and time with friends.

When we first started dating way, way back in the 80’s, we would head out in our tent which almost always ended with me sleeping in some vehicle to get in out of the cold, snow and rain.  We graduated to a tent camper in university which at least got us off the ground.  Then after the children were born we moved to a travel trailer which morphed into two more before we finally sold it off and bought a piece of land at Goose Pond.  Those days in the trailer were awesome and the kids still talk about the great times that we had with our “camping friends.”  The fishing, softball games, BBQ’s, campfires, epic games of monopoly and, when the boys got older, Texas Hold-em, the horseshoe tournaments, the lobsters, the feeds of Jiggs Dinner, the s’mores and spider wieners, the shed, the dogs.  Ah, the good times.

As the children turn into teenagers, their interests change and it gets harder and harder to convince them to come along.  Yet they are not old enough to be left home so the days of camping get less and less.  One by one our friends starting selling off their trailers and staying home more.  Now we are embarking on a new adventure with a cabin at Goose Pond.  We will take what time with the kids that we can get and it’s big enough that they can bring some friends along if they do decide to join us for the weekend.

Today I am sharing a layout that I completed at The Paperie Retreat last fall.  The Design Team each put together at kit to be sold at the retreat and this was a kit that was put together by Design Team Member Lori Smith.  I am always in awe of Lori’s layouts, she has a very distinctive style which focuses on the little details and visual interest.  Her layouts often combine many different elements but she manages to put them together in such a way that you are not overwhelmed even though there is so much different stuff going on.

2012-11-24 09.20.15

I chose a photo that I just love of L from Thanksgiving weekend which was the last overnight that we had at Goose Pond in 2012.  It was an amazing day and L is sitting on the wharf looking out at the pond which is completely still and the fall sky is reflecting in the perfect mirror.

Lori’s kit had everything in it to complete the layout, most of it already cut so I just had to put it together.  She chose a white card stock base which was tap-tapped with some black mist and the hexagons were cut from a sheet of patterned paper.  The photo was mounted on a black cardstock and the edges of all of the bits and pieces of patterned paper were inked with black distress ink.  The matted photo was placed on some strips of card stock and adhered, then the hexagons were fitted together in a haphazard pattern and adhered.  There are 3 different washi tapes used at the top and bottom of the page and under the photo.  Then all of the little bits, the wood veneers, buttons, letter stickers, additional hexagons were added randomly.

2012-11-24 09.20.30

You will also notice that some of the hexagons are mounted with pop-dots and some are not, just to give the extra bit of dimension.  And I can’t tell you enough how much I am loving the wood veneer pieces!

2012-11-24 09.20.25

Lori made good use of her Silhouette on this layout.  She used it to cut out the letters for the title for me and the geotag with the word “here” was also cut out using the Silhouette.  It was glued onto some book paper which was then trimmed to fit.

The great thing about the Silhouette is that you can take any font that is located on your computer and create cut files.  The Ariel font was used here and makes for clean and simple letters for titles.  Love it!

Enjoy the long weekend!  Make sure that your camera is never too far away so that you can capture those memories as they are happening!

Dance….like no one is watching!

L’s first show of this year’s recital is tonight and I am really looking forward to it!

In honour of dance recital week and because I am a dance mom, I am back today showing another one of my favorite layouts using a gorgeous photo of L.  This is from last year’s dance photo shoot and because I liked the photo so much, I printed it in 8X10 and showcased it in this layout!

I happened upon this paper quite by accident during Krista’s “How to Make a Kit” class back in the fall at The Paperie.  One of my friends found the paper while we were putting together our kits and knew that it would be perfect for me!

2012-11-24 09.27.11-1

I matted the photo on grey cardstock and centered it on the 12X12 patterned paper which was perfect for this photo and layout, added some embellishments and a title and called it done.

2012-11-24 09.27.24

The grey letter stickers are from two different sets, one is Studio Calico and the other is the skinny alphas from Jenni Bowlin.  The Studio Calico wood veneer hearts and arrows are a go-to for me in recent layouts, I just love them!  That’s washi tape (another one of my favorite go-to’s) with a strip of patterned paper from the B side of the 12X12 that I used for my layout.

2012-11-24 09.27.23

The ballet slippers, ballerina and the smaller ballet slippers with the word “Ballet” are all from FabScraps and come as unfinished chipboard.  I used distress stains to add color to them and layered up the stain until I was happy with the colour.  For the larger ballet slippers, I added stickles for a bit of sparkle because you can never have too much glitter!

Happy Hump Day!

May’s 12 on Twelve….and April too!

Until Sara posted this yesterday, I had completely forgotten about this month’s 12 on 12.  Fortunately, I was busy taking photos all weekend so I did manage to complete the task without even realizing it!


It just so happened that May 12th was also Mother’s Day and I was really spoiled by my wonderful family this year!

1. For Mother’s Day supper, I had a special treat of lobsters, mmmmm!  Our first meal of the wonderful crustations for 2013.

2.  The kitchen at Goose Pond is nearly completed.  We spent some time there on Sunday, cleaning and straightening and figuring out what we needed to stock it since we are finally done using paper plates and plastic cutlery.

3.  L put together a very special gift basket of goodies for me for Mother’s Day complete with post-it notes with commentary and/or humourous tidbits attached.  She included some gift certificates for my favorite store with a note attached that says “an excuse for you to buy things here.”

4. She also included a gift card for Tim Horton’s with a note that said “for the days that father can’t get you a coffee.”

5. A gave me these beautiful Pandora charms.

6. A look at the new kitchen sink at Goose Pond.

7. L included some body butter in my gift basket “for the days you shave your legs.”

8. A look at the rest of/most important part of the kitchen where my wine fridge and wine glasses are.  A friend commented that there is probably nothing in the cupboards but there is wine and wine glasses on hand.  Hell ya!

9. Here’s a look at the full contents of my super-duper Mother’s Day gift basket from L.  She obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it.

10. There were candles “for the days you might be able to relax.”  She knows me too well!

11. She made me a mix-tape to listen to in my car.

12.  And she included a pile of my favorite candies, spearmint leaves and swedish berries!

I also realized that I have not yet shared last month’s 12 on 12 either.  We spent the 12th of April in Rome and toured the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Cathedral.  It was a 5 hour tour with quite a knowledgeable tour guide named Severio, talk about information overload! But it was an enjoyable day and it was our last day in Rome before moving on to Tuscany.  It was also an interesting time to be in the country as they had just selected their new Pope and were in the process of selecting a new leader for the government.

April 12 on 12

1. Us in St. Peter’s Square.

2. A pug puppy outside the tour office, made me homesick, missing my canine babies.

3. A marker on the ground in St. Peter’s Square which says July 23 which also happens to be my birthday.

4. By the time the tour was over we were tired and famished.  We found a little restaurant near our hotel and stopped for pizza and peroni’s.

5. This is the ceiling in one of the rooms in the Vatican Museum.  It will give you an idea of what the Sistine Chapel is like but you are not permitted to take photos in there.  Simply amazing!

6. Our best friends and the greatest people to vacation with, in St. Peter’s Square.

7. Some of the larger than life art work in the Vatican Museum.

8.  This is another marker on the ground in St. Peter’s Square.

9.  Another view of St. Peter’s Square and its amazing architecture.

10.  St. Peter’s Cathedral, so beautiful!

11.  The Swiss Guard who are elite members of the Swiss Army hand selected for the prestigious duty of guarding the Pope.

12.  A view of the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral from inside the Vatican Museum.

Hope you are having a great week so far!

On With the Show…

So it’s that time of the year again, the Dance Centre is holding it’s annual recital at the Arts and Culture Centre this week.  It’s that time of the year when the students get to show off the skills that they have learned during the year and the parents get to see how their children have progressed and how all that money paid out in tuition fees, costumes, shoes, and tickets are translating into that beautiful, confident, poised and oh-so talented ballerina on the stage!

It truly is L’s favorite time of the year where she and her best friends in the whole world set up camp backstage at the Arts and Culture Centre for a full week, day and into the very late nights!

It’s also a special year for the Dance Centre as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary which means that I am expecting a very special show that is all glittery and sparkly silver with lots of nostalgia in the mix.  L has been dancing there for too many years to count and has transformed from that chubby, bossy little girl who tells all the others in her class what to do on stage to a graceful, confident, talented dancer, skills that will be with her for the rest of her days.

In honour of this week’s events, I am sharing a layout I did which showcases L’s costumes from last year’s show.

2012-11-24 09.22.02

As you can see, she was in several numbers which included tap, ballet, jazz, broadway, hip-hop and the finale which was a tribute to The Beatles which explains the British flag outfit.  This layout uses up some papers from an old Studio Calico kit.  I added some flair, filmstrip and wide-striped washi tape, tissue tape with music notes and wood veneers. the star that says “your’re a star” is from a set of basic grey stickers.  I just love those wood veneer stars, here’s a closer look….

2012-11-24 09.22.10

The film-strip washi tape acts as an anchor for the layout and is quite appropriate for the subject matter.

2012-11-24 09.22.20

Just a quick note about the photos, I took these photos of Leah in my makeshift home studio that I set up in my garage when I want to get some studio type photos.  I’ll be doing a post on that later when I set it up for this year’s dance photo shoot to give you some idea of how easy it is to take better photos at home with few do-it-yourself studio props.  Stay tuned for that.

All the best to the students and staff of the Dance Centre for another great show!  


Drinking:  Lots of water.  A big change from the lots of wine that I drank during my two weeks in Italy!


Eating: Just finished a lovely beef stir-fry for dinner.

Listening: Have been listening to old Great Big Sea CDs…saw them live at Mile One Centre this past weekend and it brought back lots of memories!

Wearing: In my comfort clothes tonight….pajamas bottoms and a long sleeve tshirt.

Reading: Emails and work stuff mostly, been busy trying to get caught back up, that’s the worst part of taking a vacation.

Feeling: tired…it’s been so busy, vacation for two weeks which brought me right smack into the middle of grad week, prom on Friday night, followed by Safe Grad, Leah’s Spring Recital, dinner with friends, GBS concert, a run to the cabin on Sunday.


Weather:   overcast today and 8 degrees, it’s cleared up into a beautiful night and there is a lovely full moon in the sky.

Wanting: warmer, sunnier days, it’s time for spring to arrive already.

Needing:  a relaxing weekend with lots of downtime.

Wishing: it was day one of my vacation in Italy and I could do it all over again!


Thinking: how great it was to meet up with a dear old friend this weekend and catch up, need to do it more often.

Enjoying: Watching the handsome, thoughtful young man that my son has become.


Loving: that the Leafs made the playoffs, hopefully they will make a decent run for the Cup this year. Go, Leafs, Go!

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.


I have been a delinquent blogger. You have probably been wondering where I have been.  March came in to my life like a lion and left in the same fashion and April is not shaping up to be much better! March was an incredibly busy month with really gross weather.  I am sick of snow, rain, drizzle, fog, freezing rain, blah weather.  I long for the days to get warmer and sunnier.

At work, I was preparing for the annual audit which always is a challenge and a juggling act over and above the day-to-day.  My home life was no less busy as I tried to keep the kids schedules straight and make sure that they were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  I had my monthly quilting course and I actually made something!  I had my KTOL class with Krista and she pushed me out of my comfort zone!  I spent St. Patrick’s Day weekend at The Paperie and did classes with Kelly Purkey, Krista and Sara!  I went to a 40th Birthday party, had a lovely girls night out with great friends, wine and food, participated in two layout tags, did some purging of supplies, finalized plans for the kitchen at the cabin and did some volunteering with fundraising and planning for Safegrad.

2013-03-17 15.25.37

B had his annual snowmobiling trip to the west coast of Newfoundland.  Then his Peewee AAA hockey team represented Newfoundland in the Atlantic championships in Corner Brook coming home with the silver medal.


L performed for 2 nights in Holy Spirit High School’s annual Cabaret show which was titled “It Takes Two” this year.  With all of the rehearsals, it made juggling her schedule with dance and voice a challenge.  L and I also went to the Musical Theatre Showcase for the Kiwanis Music Festival to see a bunch of her friends perform!  On March 26, L celebrated her 16th Birthday with her BFF’s and her BF with cake at the house.

2013-03-24 19.18.57_edited

A played lots of hockey as his high school team made it all the way to the Metro High School finals and won only to have the title taken away as a result of a technicality based on some very poor judgement on the part of the coaching staff (more on that on another day).  Then his high school team played in the Don Cherry Cup which is the high school equivalent of provincials which culminated with an abrupt and unexpected ending to the season.  His Doug Marshall team lost in the first round of the playoffs in early March losing 3 games to 1 in the best of five semi finals.  A was also on Tech Crew for the Cabaret show.  Then at the end of March, he headed to Europe for a five country “Battlefield Tour” with his school.


Here is this month’s look at life at a glance:

Drinking: A huge glass of orange juice.  I have a terrible cold and am hoping that the vitamin C will help.

Eating: A vanilla yoghurt.  It’s about all that my sore throat can handle!

Listening: To a lot of Eagles, Blue Rodeo and the Tragically Hip.  But I still don’t think that I will be heading to the Salmon Festival to see them.  I am really not an outdoor concert type of girl.  And it will be hard to top the front row seats to the Eagles that I had in 2010, seeing Blue Rodeo at the Delta Ballroom or The Tragically Hip at the old Memorial Stadium.

Wearing: It’s that awkward time of year when you don’t know what to wear so I always have a cardigan with me, just in case I get a chill!

Reading: This is going to sound crazy but all of the information that I can get my hands on about the recent Newfoundland Budget.  Mostly this is totally work related but I am discovering that there have been a lot of things announced with very little documentation or details available on the implementation plans.

Feeling: miserable.  I’ve managed to make it through the whole winter without so much as a sniffle and just as spring comes, I’m achy all over, have a horrible cough, sore throat and my ears are cloggedL

Weather:  Freezing rain, grey sky, zero degrees, typical Newfoundland spring.

Wanting: work to slow down just a little bit.  It’s really been interfering with my creative time in recent weeks.

Needing: Sunshine!

Wishing: it wasn’t April yet.  It’s going to be such a busy month and I am really not ready for it!  So much to do, and not enough time to do it.  At the end of the month we have A’s Grade 12 Graduation Dinner and Dance and Safegrad.  I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that my little boy is all grown up.  Such exciting times for him and his friends!

Thinking: about how much I miss A.  He is on a 12 day tour of Europe with his school and it is just so strange to not have him around the house.

Enjoying: I am doing a “learn to quilt” class with my friend Marg.  I have always been a little intimidated by the sewing machine.  So I am quite surprised at how much I am enjoying it.  It helps too that we have a great group of ladies and we share quite a few laughs while still managing to make amazing progress.

Loving: the longer days and watching everything come back to life.  The Crocuses are pushing up through the grass, the trees are budding.

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.

Crop Circles March Blog Hop


Welcome to the first ever Crop Circles blog hop!! We are a group of ladies who share ideas and inspiration on all kinds of scrappy projects. Most of us are either Newfoundlanders or have a link to the Island. We thought to share our inspiration to you!

We decided to use this sketch from to showcase our many different styles.


You have until end of day March 3rd to complete this hop! For every comment you leave along the way your name will be entered to win a Stampin’ Up bundle valued at $50. You’ll also have chances to win some blog candy along the way from individual bloggers.  I will picking a random name from those who comment on this post to win a goodie bag of supplies from me!  So make sure you say something before you move along!

You should have come from  Lori Smith’s blog.  If you didn’t then see the list below to take part in the entire hop.

Here’s my take (all of the supplies are from the February Kit from The Paperie)!!

2013-03-02 12.54.22

2013-03-02 12.55.10

2013-03-02 12.55.14

And now you can head on over to Cathy Caine’s blog and she is partnering today with Rexene Lockyer to bring you their take on the sketch.  Thanks for hopping by!  And if you didn’t get to see them all, here is the full list of participants in today’s blog hop:

Cheryl Ashworth with Shar Strahan & Brande Strahan

Kelly Klapstein

Rhea Skomorowski  with Natasha Connelly

Catherine Stockley

Michelle Marks

Darlene Head Whalley

Corina Mayo Thorne

Sara Case Strickland

Lori Smith with Elaine Lambe Beck

Liz Davis <<<<YOU ARE HERE

Cathy Caines with Rexene Lockyer


Drinking: my first coffee of the day.

Eating: just had a yogurt with granola and some fresh berries for breakfast

Listening: to L singing all week, first it was “Zero to Hero” from Hercules, then it was “Woman of the Island” and then a concert group of “Un Moto di gioja” by Mozart, “Du Bist wie eine blume” by Schumann, and “Sweet chance That Led my Steps Abroad” by Head.  It’s Kiwanis Music Festival Week!

Wearing: nothing too stylish today, it’s more about comfort and warmth these days than fashion – black cords with a grey cardigan to keep me toasty.

Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  Something mindless and an easy read to escape from deadlines and audit working papers at work.

Feeling: Overwhelmed!  So much on my plate these days with work, home, kids!  Longing for a less hectic time!

Weather: awful, grey, somewhere around zero degrees celcius where it’s not really rain but not quite snow either, cold, windy, winter, yuck!

Wanting:  A sign that Spring is not too far away, just a little tease to get me out of this winter rut.

Needing: A vacation somewhere warm where I can just forget about everything and relax.

Wishing: It was Friday already!  It’s been a horrible couple of weeks with B away and I need some down time.

Thinking: That we still have to endure the month of March, will it be springish or will winter make a return?  In like a lion or a lamb?

Enjoying: watching all of the performers at the Kiwanis Music Festival.  So much talent and confidence in so many teenagers!

Loving: all of the things that I accomplished in February.  I had my first Quilting Class with Marg, I scrapbooked a lot through classes with Raelynn, Krista and Sara in addition to a hosting a Layout Tag and participating in the Bash-your-stash blog hop.  It was a productive month!

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.

Weekend with The Boss

In August 2012, we were lucky to have made the trek to Toronto to see Bruce Springsteen at the Air Canada Center with 4 of our nearest and dearest friends.  One of my friends surprised her husband for his birthday a couple of years ago with tickets to see Bruce Springsteen in Florida, it was spur of the moment and just the two of them.  They said that it was THE BEST CONCERT that they had ever seen and we made a pack that the next time he went on tour, we would all go see him together as he was on B & my concert bucket list.  When he announced that he was tourning again in 2012, we kept an eye on dates and locations but we couldn’t seem to find a time that all four of us could take the time to go to see him in one of the many US locations that were announced.  But then in May a few Canadian dates were announced for the summer and plans were made to take in a show in Toronto!  So the four of us along with another couple made plans for a weekend in Toronto.  We flew up on a Thursday evening, the concert was Friday night and we made plans to eat in Restaurant 360 in the CN Tower.

The concert was AMAZING!!! Bruce Springsteen is 60 years old and played for 3 hours and 45 minutes, non-stop!  It was unbelievable to watch, he probably could have gone on longer but the stage had to be dismantled and transported via truck to New Brunswick for Saturday night show at Magic Mountain.  I agree that it was up there as one of the best concerts I have ever seen!

Dinner at Restaurant 360 was another highlight of the weekend.  The food, wine and service were great.  Probably the funniest comment of the night was from B during a phone conversation checking up on the kids at home was “I think we’re moving.” Up until that moment, he didn’t realize that the restaurant rotated!

On the way up to the restaurant, you can have your photo taken as a momento of the night.  Here’s a layout that I made with that photo to commemorate the weekend:

2012-11-24 09.17.24

Lots of misting, patterned paper and washi tape going on in this one.  I used some travel themed wood veneers and buttons for embellishments and I just love the color and font of those chipboard letters!

2012-11-24 09.17.53

And those wood veneer cameras are some of my favorite embellishments to use these days!  The background paper is from the Basic Grey Basics line.

2012-11-24 09.17.41

All in all, it was a great weekend spent with great friends.  Looking forward to lots more of these weekends and trips in the future!