You’ll have to excuse the lateness of this post.  I had it already to go but decided I wanted to add some photos and then life took over and got me all distracted again.  I am seriously thinking of changing the title of this blog to “The Delinquent Blogger!”

Time: 8:30 p.m., June 30, 2013

Location: Sitting in my family room.

Weather: Humid, warm.  It’s been a strange weekend.  Staying with the idea that if you don’t like the weather in NL, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Watching: Waiting for Dexter, final season premiere.

Listening:   I just downloaded Sting’s greatest hits and Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits from itunes.  We saw Sting at Mile One last week and it was a great show!  All those songs bring back such memories!  Loving me some retro music right now.


Eating: no much right now but my belly is full from turkey dinner with all the fixings!  Mmmm!


Drinking: Large glass of ice water.  Dinner was a little salty.  Again, mmmmm!

Needing: the summer to slow down just a little, it’s already the end of June and it doesn’t even really feel like summer yet.

Looking forward to:  seeing the new space where The Paperie is moving.  Change is good and I am sure that there will be lots of fun times to be had in the “new” store!

Wanting: the weather to turn to summer.  It’s time now, enough of this rain, drizzle and fog!

Crafting:  Working on “the undones.”  I put them all together in a container and have been taking them out one at a time and putting the finishing touches on them and moving them into the appropriate album.  Feels good!

Enjoying: L was in a summer dance camp last week and they put on a little end-of-camp performance on Friday afternoon.  It was quite enjoyable.  They are quite talented and put off a recital-quality show with only 4 days of rehearsal.  It was also great to see an old friend who popped into the show on a visit home from Vancouver!

Smiling at:  Charlie, the new Yorkie has really thrown our world into a spin.  He is very high maintenance, can’t be left alone, is endlessly annoying to Max and Romo who have no time for his playful antics.  But he is so cute, loves attention and is always happy to see you!


Loving:  seeing all the flowers and trees blooming!


Thinking: about the wedding that we attended yesterday and something that I read recently — “you don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you can’t live without.”  This is so very true.  At this point in your life, you really don’t have to get married.  You can be together without having to make the commitment, sometimes it’s easier that way.  There is way less pressure to make it work.  But if you find that person who you know is the “one,” it makes it that much more special to go above and beyond and make the special commitment.  I am a sucker for weddings, if you can’t tell that already!

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.


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