Currently….(aka Better Late Than Never)

*** Forgive my lateness, this should have been posted on Friday, May 31st but due to circumstances beyond my control, the weekend got away from me.

Drinking:  A glass of red wine, Palo Alto

Eating: BBQed hamburgers and homemade fries for dinner tonight.

Listening:  Leah made me a “mix tape” cd for Mother’s Day with a bunch of music that we both like on it, runs from Mumford and Sons to Luke Bryan and everything in between.  It’s currently in the CD player in my car and I listen to it just about every day.

Wearing: jeans and a long sleeved Tshirt.  I could probably wear socks since my feet are freesing but I am trying to be optimistic that summer will be here soon.

Reading:  Haven’t been reading much lately…work has been busy and I am tired too tired at the end of the day to pull out a book.  So my reading consists of the daily blogs that I read, and the newspaper and news websites.  I  finding the sorties about Rob Ford and Mike Duffy increasingly ridiculous!

Feeling: Content today.  L had her Voice exam this morning and she nailed it!  When she came out, she did a leprechaun leap in the parking lot and when she got in the car she kept saying, “it was really good, it was really good.”  Then she broke down into a full out bawl…so we both had a cry and then we went on with the rest of the day.  She works so hard and it means so much to her, I am so pleased that it went so well for her today.

Weather: yuck!  Rainy, cold windy.  I think it was around 10 degrees most of the day.  I wish the weather would turn around for good.  The past few days have been sunny but cool.

Wanting: Not much these days.  Life is good!  The kids are both doing great.  L was able to opt out of all of her final exams and A only has to write 2 public exams and he is finished high school!

Needing: To clean and declutter the house.  I spent some time tonight going through scrapbook paper and sorting it into piles to be given away and keep.  Now I need to tackle the scrapbook room, my closet and the cedar closet in the basement.  I am not a hoarder but it amazes me how quickly stuff amasses.

Thinking: About the Janeway Telethon this weekend and what a huge part of our lives it has been.  Please remember to give generously this weekend, #forallourkids.

Enjoying: L and her new puppy Charlie.  He is totally in love with her.  We just got him today but he has not left her at all since he arrived.  When he is not in her lap, he is at her feet.  He is just what she wanted.  He totally belongs to her and no-one else.

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.


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