Saturday Stuff….

Happy Saturday!

1. I am loving this new iphonep app from Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess.  As a matter of fact, I am currently addicted to it.  I have edited just about every photo that I had on my camera roll, can’t…stop…playing!


2. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying my quilting class.  We had our 2nd class last week and made a quilt sandwich.  And the group of girls in the class make it that much more fun.  Looking forward to finishing it off at the next class and moving on to something new.  And I am fascinated by the new Tim Holtz fabrics, what can I make with this?

3. This is old news now but I am very excited that Dina Wakley is coming to teach at The Paperie in August!  I am enjoying the exposure that I have had to mixed media techniques through Sara and Cathie‘s classes and can’t wait to learn more!  For more information on this very exciting weekend, click here.

4.  I am planning to participate in ICAD3 starting June 1.  I had so much fun with this last year!  I am excited to try out new techniques and products and I love to see what everyone else is up to!

5.  Love how these Grade 5 students are calling Stephen Harper out for his childish and bullying behaviour.  It really pushes the issue of “attack ads” to the forefront and makes you wonder why politicians can’t focus on the issues and just what kind of role model the Prime Minister is for these young children?

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!  I hope you are taking some time to do something just for you!


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