May’s 12 on Twelve….and April too!

Until Sara posted this yesterday, I had completely forgotten about this month’s 12 on 12.  Fortunately, I was busy taking photos all weekend so I did manage to complete the task without even realizing it!


It just so happened that May 12th was also Mother’s Day and I was really spoiled by my wonderful family this year!

1. For Mother’s Day supper, I had a special treat of lobsters, mmmmm!  Our first meal of the wonderful crustations for 2013.

2.  The kitchen at Goose Pond is nearly completed.  We spent some time there on Sunday, cleaning and straightening and figuring out what we needed to stock it since we are finally done using paper plates and plastic cutlery.

3.  L put together a very special gift basket of goodies for me for Mother’s Day complete with post-it notes with commentary and/or humourous tidbits attached.  She included some gift certificates for my favorite store with a note attached that says “an excuse for you to buy things here.”

4. She also included a gift card for Tim Horton’s with a note that said “for the days that father can’t get you a coffee.”

5. A gave me these beautiful Pandora charms.

6. A look at the new kitchen sink at Goose Pond.

7. L included some body butter in my gift basket “for the days you shave your legs.”

8. A look at the rest of/most important part of the kitchen where my wine fridge and wine glasses are.  A friend commented that there is probably nothing in the cupboards but there is wine and wine glasses on hand.  Hell ya!

9. Here’s a look at the full contents of my super-duper Mother’s Day gift basket from L.  She obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it.

10. There were candles “for the days you might be able to relax.”  She knows me too well!

11. She made me a mix-tape to listen to in my car.

12.  And she included a pile of my favorite candies, spearmint leaves and swedish berries!

I also realized that I have not yet shared last month’s 12 on 12 either.  We spent the 12th of April in Rome and toured the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Cathedral.  It was a 5 hour tour with quite a knowledgeable tour guide named Severio, talk about information overload! But it was an enjoyable day and it was our last day in Rome before moving on to Tuscany.  It was also an interesting time to be in the country as they had just selected their new Pope and were in the process of selecting a new leader for the government.

April 12 on 12

1. Us in St. Peter’s Square.

2. A pug puppy outside the tour office, made me homesick, missing my canine babies.

3. A marker on the ground in St. Peter’s Square which says July 23 which also happens to be my birthday.

4. By the time the tour was over we were tired and famished.  We found a little restaurant near our hotel and stopped for pizza and peroni’s.

5. This is the ceiling in one of the rooms in the Vatican Museum.  It will give you an idea of what the Sistine Chapel is like but you are not permitted to take photos in there.  Simply amazing!

6. Our best friends and the greatest people to vacation with, in St. Peter’s Square.

7. Some of the larger than life art work in the Vatican Museum.

8.  This is another marker on the ground in St. Peter’s Square.

9.  Another view of St. Peter’s Square and its amazing architecture.

10.  St. Peter’s Cathedral, so beautiful!

11.  The Swiss Guard who are elite members of the Swiss Army hand selected for the prestigious duty of guarding the Pope.

12.  A view of the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral from inside the Vatican Museum.

Hope you are having a great week so far!


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