I have been a delinquent blogger. You have probably been wondering where I have been.  March came in to my life like a lion and left in the same fashion and April is not shaping up to be much better! March was an incredibly busy month with really gross weather.  I am sick of snow, rain, drizzle, fog, freezing rain, blah weather.  I long for the days to get warmer and sunnier.

At work, I was preparing for the annual audit which always is a challenge and a juggling act over and above the day-to-day.  My home life was no less busy as I tried to keep the kids schedules straight and make sure that they were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  I had my monthly quilting course and I actually made something!  I had my KTOL class with Krista and she pushed me out of my comfort zone!  I spent St. Patrick’s Day weekend at The Paperie and did classes with Kelly Purkey, Krista and Sara!  I went to a 40th Birthday party, had a lovely girls night out with great friends, wine and food, participated in two layout tags, did some purging of supplies, finalized plans for the kitchen at the cabin and did some volunteering with fundraising and planning for Safegrad.

2013-03-17 15.25.37

B had his annual snowmobiling trip to the west coast of Newfoundland.  Then his Peewee AAA hockey team represented Newfoundland in the Atlantic championships in Corner Brook coming home with the silver medal.


L performed for 2 nights in Holy Spirit High School’s annual Cabaret show which was titled “It Takes Two” this year.  With all of the rehearsals, it made juggling her schedule with dance and voice a challenge.  L and I also went to the Musical Theatre Showcase for the Kiwanis Music Festival to see a bunch of her friends perform!  On March 26, L celebrated her 16th Birthday with her BFF’s and her BF with cake at the house.

2013-03-24 19.18.57_edited

A played lots of hockey as his high school team made it all the way to the Metro High School finals and won only to have the title taken away as a result of a technicality based on some very poor judgement on the part of the coaching staff (more on that on another day).  Then his high school team played in the Don Cherry Cup which is the high school equivalent of provincials which culminated with an abrupt and unexpected ending to the season.  His Doug Marshall team lost in the first round of the playoffs in early March losing 3 games to 1 in the best of five semi finals.  A was also on Tech Crew for the Cabaret show.  Then at the end of March, he headed to Europe for a five country “Battlefield Tour” with his school.


Here is this month’s look at life at a glance:

Drinking: A huge glass of orange juice.  I have a terrible cold and am hoping that the vitamin C will help.

Eating: A vanilla yoghurt.  It’s about all that my sore throat can handle!

Listening: To a lot of Eagles, Blue Rodeo and the Tragically Hip.  But I still don’t think that I will be heading to the Salmon Festival to see them.  I am really not an outdoor concert type of girl.  And it will be hard to top the front row seats to the Eagles that I had in 2010, seeing Blue Rodeo at the Delta Ballroom or The Tragically Hip at the old Memorial Stadium.

Wearing: It’s that awkward time of year when you don’t know what to wear so I always have a cardigan with me, just in case I get a chill!

Reading: This is going to sound crazy but all of the information that I can get my hands on about the recent Newfoundland Budget.  Mostly this is totally work related but I am discovering that there have been a lot of things announced with very little documentation or details available on the implementation plans.

Feeling: miserable.  I’ve managed to make it through the whole winter without so much as a sniffle and just as spring comes, I’m achy all over, have a horrible cough, sore throat and my ears are cloggedL

Weather:  Freezing rain, grey sky, zero degrees, typical Newfoundland spring.

Wanting: work to slow down just a little bit.  It’s really been interfering with my creative time in recent weeks.

Needing: Sunshine!

Wishing: it wasn’t April yet.  It’s going to be such a busy month and I am really not ready for it!  So much to do, and not enough time to do it.  At the end of the month we have A’s Grade 12 Graduation Dinner and Dance and Safegrad.  I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that my little boy is all grown up.  Such exciting times for him and his friends!

Thinking: about how much I miss A.  He is on a 12 day tour of Europe with his school and it is just so strange to not have him around the house.

Enjoying: I am doing a “learn to quilt” class with my friend Marg.  I have always been a little intimidated by the sewing machine.  So I am quite surprised at how much I am enjoying it.  It helps too that we have a great group of ladies and we share quite a few laughs while still managing to make amazing progress.

Loving: the longer days and watching everything come back to life.  The Crocuses are pushing up through the grass, the trees are budding.

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.


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