Finally Friday….after a week full of Mondays!

It has been one of those week’s for sure…I could really use a restart, an Alt+Ctrl+Del, a do-over.  It seems like everything that I have touched this week has gone awry!  I started the week with such great plans, and it’s Friday and I feel like I haven’t accomplished a thing.

It’s been a busy week for the kids.  L has had her normal schedule plus Kiwanis Music Festival and all of the extra things that go with that, plus extra rehearsals for caberet, lots of homework, not enough sleep and yesterday was a snow day without snow.  A has had hockey pretty well every night this week and a public exam prep course.  The weather really hasn’t been great which has made it challenging getting everyone where they need to be on time.  I haven’t seen B since last Thursday morning.  He went to Goose Bay with his Peewee AAA team for the Provincials (which they won, by the way!), ran into some bad weather so his flight home on Sunday night was cancelled.  He wasn’t rebooked to leave until Tuesday night.  The problem with that was that he was scheduled to leave for Montreal on Monday evening.  He ended up flying from Goose Bay to Wabush and spending the night there, then leaving Wabush on Tuesday and flying to Montreal via Sept-Illes.  I had to pack a suitcase of work clothes for him and ship it to Montreal via courier.  He is due to come home tonight,  but we’ll see what the weather has to say about that.


My work computer died on Tuesday, crashed, unravelled…however you say it, it isn’t good.  The IT guy spent all day Tuesday trying to salvage it to no avail.  I am currently managing until a more permanent solution is found.  It is really amazing to realize how much we depend on technology in our daily lives.  It was just as well that someone had cut off my arm because it rendered me completely useless for the better part of two days.  And then when I finally did get back to some semblance of normal I had to deal with 2 days of unread/unresponded to emails.  Talk about drowning in your job!  Everyone’s mood is the same, cranky, cranky, cranky!  At work and at home!  The grey weather is not helping either.

Here’s a little look at something I have been working on for The Paperie:


And here’s a sneak peek at a LO that I did for a LO Tag that I am hosting this month:


I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  Tonight L is performing in the Kiwanis Music Festival in the Song of Newfoundland Class.  She is singing Woman of the Island.  I tend to enjoy this class a lot as the songs are near and dear to me and it is quite enjoyable to hear them interpreted by the younger crowd.  A has a high school hockey game.  Hopefully B will make it home.  I am looking forward to a long sleep in on Saturday morning to try to recharge my batteries for a more productive next week.  On Sunday, I am excited for the first class of Sara’s Yearlong Album for 2013 at The Paperie.  She shared a sneak on her blog earlier this week and I am really looking forward to it.  This year’s focus is much more technique based and will use lots of mixed media stuff.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and we are going to get messy!

Enjoy your weekend!


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