Multi Photo Layouts

One of my favorite things to do is to use a lot of photos on my layouts.  However, most of my layouts have a single photo.  But when I do get around to creating one with a lot of photos, I am extremely happy and please with myself.

A while ago I bought a Canon Selphy printer.  One of my friends had purchase one a couple of years ago while completing a December Daily and raved about how wonderful it was and having it let her complete her project by printing her photos everyday as opposed to letting enough amass to send them to the printer and ending up playing catch-up.  I was intrigued and once I saw it in action at crops, I was convinced that I needed one too.  It is so small and portable that you can practically carry it in your purse and you only need your memory card from your camera and you are ready to print!

The wonderful thing about the Selphy is how easy it prints multiple prints on a 4X6 print.  You can use whatever size photos you like to make a grid on your Selphy or you can make a collage.  The other great thing about the Selphy is the price, it retails at approximately $100.  I was lucky enough to grab mine on sale for $50.

I brought mine to The Paperie’s retreat in November and used it a lot!  Here is one of my favorite layouts that I did that weekend.  I printed all of these photos on the Selphy, using the setting which allowed me to print a grid of 4 on a 4X6 sheet.

2012-11-24 09.18.35

These photos are from an amazing school trip that A was lucky enough to take part in last April.  The photos are compliments of what I can only describe as the best teacher ever who chaperoned the kids but also documented the entire trip in photos.  He even posted daily photos to a website while they were travelling so that the parents could watch the trip unfold and see what acitivities had taken place during the day.

There were a lot of bits and pieces on this layout, including that wonderful map flair button, transportation and camera wood veneers, patterned paper of a map, and washi tape.  It truly is one of my favorite layouts of the year and I just love how it provides a snapshot of the entire trip on a single page!

2012-11-24 09.18.44

2012-11-24 09.18.48

I like the grid layout of the photos and I added dimension by popping up some of the photos, just to make it more interesting.

Stay tuned on Monday, February 25 for a Blog Hop!  The theme is “Bash Your Stash” and it is taking aim at all of those supplies that you have been hoarding.  Time to get them out and use them up!  It’s going to be a blast with lots of participants.


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