Celebrity Encounters

Today I am sharing a layout that I made recently which tells the story of how B ran into Rick Mercer from CBC’s Rick Mercer Report in the parking garage of a local hotel on his way to a business meeting.  B is anything but shy and was quick to approach Rick Mercer who was only too happy to have a chat and take a photo which B quickly texted to me.  We have this ongoing thing where we keep running into celebrities and trying to get a picture with them.  In my collection, I have several with Jim Cuddy, Alan Doyle, Alan Hawco, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Wagner and his pride and joy is one with John Elway.

The quality of the photo is not great as B only had his first generation iphone with him and the camera on it doesn’t have a flash but this layout always makes me smile. The other thing that I love about it is that it uses one of my most favorite supplies….washi tape!  I just love washi tape, it’s one of my go-to items when completing a layout, it’s so versatile.  There are so many ways that you can use it layouts, the possibilities are endless. I also use it on cards, to seal envelopes, wrap gifts, whatever I can think of.

On this particular layout, I used different colours and patterns of washi to make a mat for my photo.  I layered it and stacked it on top of the background paper which I sprinkled some mist droplets on and then placed the photo and adhered it with the filmstrip washi tape.  The great thing about washi is that it is not completely opaque so some of the background shows through, including the misted dots.

2012-11-24 09.16.07

Here’s a closer look and the different washi tapes which are varied in color, length, and width.  For this layout, I added my journalling directly onto the background paper.

2012-11-24 09.16.19

I added a flair button and some of my favorite wood veneer pieces and doodled around the outside edge of the layout.

2012-11-24 09.16.16

What are some of your favorite go-to supplies?  I have lots and lots of washi tape and I am loving using it on just about every layout these days.


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