Checking in and a 12 on 12

So I have been off the grid for a while.  Life has been incredibly busy and the blog is the first to suffer.  I am hoping to get back to more regular posting in the short term.  Lots of exciting things happening around here.

I spent a great weekend at the Paperie retreat this past week with an incredibly talented and fun bunch of ladies!  We scrapbooked a lot, ate, drank, and laughed a lot.  It was great inspiration to see what everyone is working on and to see all the new stuff that I NEED to have!  I was very productive during my time there and will be sharing some of my layouts with you here in the coming weeks.

I am a couple of weeks behind in Project Life so I have been trying to get caught up on that since I have been home this week which hasn’t been easy since I still have my regular job which is very busy this time of the year and requires me to work one night a week; the driving L around in preparation for the upcoming production of Scrooge where she is one of the 7 member dance chorus, plus all the regular chores that I have to do.  There simply are not enough hours in the day and the weekends are not long enough, not even the long ones!

I did participate in 12 on 12 this month and although it seemed like I took a lot of photos, I really didn’t take a big variety even though the quantity was large.  When I started to put together this post, I realized that most of the photos were taken at A’s hockey game in the morning with just a smattering of the rest of the day.  Anyway, it’s done, it’s not my favorite but I did manage to put something together.

1.  A Selfy

2. the puppies doing what they do best…relaxing

3. & 4. Some action shots from A’s game

5. Where my stuff from the retreat landed when I arrived home on Sunday…my scraproom floor!

6. Laundry…the never-ending pile

7. & 8. A couple of photos of A playing hockey

9.  getting gas

10. Scrooge posters…have to be hung up around town

11.  photographing a layout that I did for a recent LO Tag

12.  Waiting outside The Dance Center for L.

Have you been playing along with 12 on 12?  I would love to see your photos, leave me a link in the comments section.


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