I’m back…Welcome to September!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted and lots has been happening.  I spent the last days of August savouring every last minute of the best summer that I can remember in recent history.

We spent several weekends, including the long Labour Day weekend at our cabin in Little Goose Pond.

We went to the Keith Urban concert at Mile One Centre.  The concert was amazing and Mr. Urban is quite the entertainer and is very engaged with his audience.  To top it all off, L had an experience that she won’t soon forget at the concert.  She went there with a friend and ended up going home with Keith Urban’s guitar.  He pulled her out of the audience and gave it to her.  The guitar strap reads “I went to a Keith Urban concert and all I got was this lousy guitar.”

She became something of a celebrity for the few days after the concert and appeared on CBC Radio and CBC’s Here and Now.  You may have seen her…we were very proud as she spoke very well and was just soooo excited!

B & I spent a weekend in Toronto with our friends and saw Bruce Springsteen at the Rogers Centre.  Bruce Springsteen is amazing!  He is 62 years old and is in better physical shape than most 30 year olds that I know.  He played for 3 hours and 41 minutes, non-stop!  A few songs from his new album and lots of oldies to keep the audience entertained.  We had dinner at Restaurant 360 at the CN Tower and did some shopping and exploring.  It was a great weekend!

The kids are back to school with A’s last first day of school as he started Grade 12.

A has a new car…his hard work all summer finally paid off.  We are very proud of him as he set the goal to save enough to buy a car and with a little help from us, he is now the proud own of a new-to-him Honda Civic.  A to learn to drive a standard shift and has been doing remarkably well with that!

And since school started last week, we are back to the routine.  Dance and piano have already started for L with voice starting up this week.  A has already started refereeing and hockey will start up next week.

And I have been keeping up with Project Life and will have a massive update post for that soon.

Here’s a LO that I made for a recent LO Tag…It features some of my favorite photos of the summer.  Love the misting and the wash tape and the wood veneer shapes and words and those thickers and those badges!  It was great to dig into the stash and use a bit of this and that!

I am looking forward to getting back into the regular routine and getting a few more layouts done during the cooler autumn months.  Lots of exciting classes happening at The Paperie and, of course, their Fall Retreat will be an excellent opportunity to scrapbook the massive number of photos that I have taken over the past couple of months.

In the meantime, we have spent the last two days securing items, moving patio furniture and other summer toys in preparation for the impending Hurricane Leslie, scheduled to make landfall here sometime tomorrow.  And while the kids and my teacher friends are excited for the already announced day off, I will be busy at work hoping that the damage to municipal infrastructure will be minimal.  Hope you have stocked up on supplies and are able to spend the day safely tucked away in your nests!


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