August 12 on 12

Luckily, for the 12th of August, it fell on a weekend that we were at the cottage so there are lots of photos to choose from.  A & L had some friends around all weekend and I was never too far away with my camera.  Here’s a look at some of my favorite snaps:

1. An amazing photo that I captured of a beautiful butterfly that seemed to pose for me on our deck.

2.  A and his friend on the seadoo with A hamming it up for the camera.

3.  L and her friend on the seadoo.

4.  The boys tubing.

5.  Max hanging out on the wharf, chasing and barking at the seadoo.

6.  The girls decided to climb up the scaffolding that was set up in the great room.  As L said, “worst mistake of our lives”…it was a lot easier getting up there than it was getting down.

7.  The girls tubing….trying to avoid the hailstorm of water that was flying back at them.

8.  L and her Dad trying to push each other off the wharf.

9.  Romo just hanging around taking it all in.  He’s not found of the water but doesn’t like to be alone and wants to see what everyone is doing.  So he’s found a spot on shore, not too close to the water’s edge on a rock where he likes to sit and watch.

10.  Having fun on a beautiful summer day!

11.  This guy rowed in for a visit.  Apparently, his dog loves to go for a ride in the dory.

12.  L and her friends just chillin’ on the tube.

And that’s how the 12th of August looked for me.  Are you participating in 12 on 12?  Leave a link to your photos in the comments section.  I would love to see your photos!


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