The Last of the Index Card A Day!

I have been MIA from the blog for a little while.  I took a couple of weeks off work and away from the computer and just spent some time enjoying this amazing summer and the beautiful weather that we are having.  B and I did some odd jobs around the cabin, actually spent a weekend there, finally; celebrated my birthday with a dinner at my new favorite restaurant with our best friends; did some work and made some changes around the house; spent some time with the kids; and just enjoyed not having a schedule!

I did manage to keep up with the ICAD2 challenge and finished all of my 61 cards but only got around to photographing them yesterday.

Day 52 – July 22

Day 53 – July 23 – in honour of my birthday!

Day 54 – July 24

Day 55 – July 25

Day 56 – July 26

Day 57 – July 27

Day 58 – July 28

Day 59 – July 29

Day 60 – July 30

Day 61 – July 31

The End.

P.S.  I haven’t posted my methodology for each of the cards but if you are interested in any one in particular, I would be happy to tell you how I made it, just leave a comment!

P.P.S.  I think Day 59’s card is my personal favorite of ALL of the ones I have done, even though it was done, gessoed, redone, gessoed again and redone again.  I had such a hard time making this one that I kept starting over but eventually I threw my arms up in the air and let it dry once more, stood back and really liked what I saw!


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