Project Life – Week 24

Back today with a look at Week 24 in my Project Life.  Summer is here and I have changed my focus with the 4X6 slots in my 2 page spreads being filled with my Index Cards from the ICAD2 Challenge and a more digital approach to the remainder of the week and more use of inserts.

As you can see, the Index Cards are taking up the majority of the two page spread with a few of my favorite pictures that I took during the week taking up the rest of the space along with a couple of journal cards.

Here’s a closer look at the individual pages:

I also used a 6X12 insert this week.  One side held a large journalling card (this is from a set of 6×12 Journal cards that Cathy Zielske designed specifically for Project Life and are available at Designer Digitals) which provided a detailed narrative of what happened during the week.  The back side had my June 12 on 12 photos plus a few of my favorites from a photo shoot that I had with L in all of her dance costumes from this year’s show.

 I really love the ballerina photos of L. I am still learning lots in the digital scrapbooking world as this is completely out of my element.  Prior to this, I only used photoshop for minor adjustments to my photos or to change them from Color to Black and White.  But it is helping a lot to keep me up-to-date with Project Life so I will keep plugging along and see what I come up with!

I think that the hardest part of Project Life is keeping up-to-date.  I am journalling a little bit everyday – I just have a running word document that I am adding a little to each day.  That forms the body of my journalling card for the week.  I try to upload my photos from my phone, my camera and B’s phone whenever I have a free minute.  I then edit and put my favorite photos from the week and put them in a folder for that week.  Then when I sit down to put it all together, I am only looking at the photos that are relevant to that week.  Then I figure out how many there are and that determines the size of the insert for that week.  I add any favorite photos or ephemera to the smaller pockets in the album and add minimal embellishments and it is done!

I am truly loving PL, especially the further that I get into it.  And I am still managing to get a few traditional layouts done but it has forced me to really focus on specific events and photos that I feel need more documentation.  I am able to focus much more quickly on photos that I want to print and not feel that I have to do single photo layouts, because I have already covered that in my Project Life album!  It has also helped me to regain my mojo and get back to this hobby that I love so much but seem to have gotten away from…I really didn’t do that much scrapbooking in 2011.

What is your process for PL?  How are you managing to stay up-to-date? Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.  Have a great week!


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