12 on 12 – the July Version…

It’s that time of the month again where I am participating in a challenge to take 12 photos on the 12 of the month.  The summer is passing by so quickly and the weather, so far, has been amazing.  I love this challenge as it forces me to focus on the details of my life for one day a month and it always produces interesting results.  I was awake very early yesterday morning and even tweeted a reminder to the usual suspects who like to play along with this challenge but often realize the date later in the day and miss some good photo ops in the early hours.

Here’s a peek at how my day look and some of the things that I saw as the day unfolded:

 Lots of stuff happening on this day (from the top left corner…):

1. Max stretching as he woke up in the morning.  These hot summer days he doesn’t like to sleep in my bed and opts for the much cooler downstairs in my husband’s office.

2. Romo is sleeping while he sitting up.  He has had a very stressful week (more on that later).

3. My new chairs for the family room were delivered.  We are in the process of moving some furniture to the cabin and taking some older stuff from the house and replacing it.

4. A lunchtime trip to the Paperie to pick up my Studio Calico wood veneer people that I have been waiting for, for what seems like forever.  And, of course, I picked up a few more goodies while I was there!

5. This is Karma.  She has been staying with us for a few days while S visits.  She is the reason why Romo is so stressed out.  She has taken over the house, his food, his toys, and she teases him constantly.  Normally she lives in a 2 bedroom apartment but is currently loving the spacious surroundings and all of the interesting stuff and the new food!  She normally does not venture outside but has really enjoyed spending time on the patio basking in the sun with her leash on.

6. A trip to the post office.  No happy mail today!

7. A trip to downtown St. John’s with L and there is a Tall Ship visiting.

8. L waiting in the car while I snap a few shots of the Tall Ship.

9. L’s frozen yogurt from our trip to Menchies.

10. A chillin’ at the Janeway while having his blood transfusion.

11. This is the cake that L and her friends made for K’s going-away party. GIven L’s past baking experiences, I was quite impressed!

12. The laundry room at the cabin is complete and up and running.  This is the first finished room…we are getting there!

It’s Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!


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