Saturday Stuff…

Happy Saturday!  It’s pouring, and I mean straight down, so loud and hard that it’s bouncing off the ground, pouring rain here this morning.  But that’s okay because it’s dry in here (somewhat, anyway) and I am enjoying a lovely coffee and the peace and quiet.

I say somewhat dry because we had a minor water disaster here last night.  I was working away on my Project Life album and knew that I had a couple of collection packs of Basic Grey Basics around here somewhere.  I keep a lot of my surplus supplies on a shelving unit in the basement (you know, so my husband doesn’t realize how much scrapbooking supplies that I really have if it’s spread all over the house!).  I rarely go down there unless I am looking for something.  It’s a good thing that I did because there was water leaking from the furnace and lots of it.  A good portion of the basement floor was covered with water and you could hear a hissing noise where something was slowly leaking.  So I had to call for an emergency service and the main pipe to the furnace was leaking.  All fixed and cleaned now, disaster averted!

1. I found this neat tutorial on cathy zielske’s blog about added ghosted text to photos.  This is pretty simple to do and I can see that I will be using it a lot in my Project Life photos.  It’s a quick and easy way to jazz up my photos without adding too much bulk to my album.

2. Krista mentioned it on her blog last week and I am always up for trying out new and easy ways to edit my photos.  So I downloaded free copy trial of Radlab.  It’s pretty easy to use and I like the results that I am getting.  I am still editing all those photos from our trip to London and Paris but using this is making it much easier and quicker!

3. Tonight we are heading to Mile One Centre to see the sold-out John Mellencamp show!  I am really looking forward to the show as he was part of the soundtrack of my formative years in the 80’s.  Remember Jack and Diane, Pink Houses, R-O-C-K in the USA!  Brings back such wonderful memories.  I am hoping to do some celebrity spotting, too, because Meg Ryan is in town with him.  I didn’t even know they were a couple since they are apparently flying quietly under the radar of the paparazzi and the gossip columnists.

4. I saw this neat technique using a white crayon as a resist on pinterest this week that I am going to try on an index card this week.

5. I have given into the peer pressure and started reading 50 Shades of Grey.  I let you know how that goes.  I am also looking for any suggestions that you may have for other mindless summer reading.  You know, nothing too intense…easy reading.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments section!

6. The St. John’s Farmers Market opened a few weeks back for the season.  It is one of my favorite places to go on a Saturday morning.  The sites, sounds and smells are just amazing.  Not only are there locally farmed vegetables, but homemade waffles, artisan cheeses, fresh homemade pasta, amazing coffee, lots of ethnic foods, organic locally made dog treats, cupcakes, jewelry and crafts.  It is a great place to visit and runs every Saturday until December.
That’s all for today, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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