Index Card A Day – Day 33, 34 & 35

Just popping in with a quick post to update you with my most recent index cards.  I have been playing with my new art supplies, some pretty basic stuff really.  I am just trying to get a feel for how each of the pots of mediums look on paper and how they interact with other things.

For my card for Day 33, I misted the card with October Afternoon Sprinkler in Red Wagon.  I used a new Crafter’s Workshop stencil and covered it with some Regular Acrylic gel.  The gel had a semi-gloss finish after I left it to air dry. I then used an ink blending tool and black soot distress ink and wiped it over the card.  The gel acted as a resist and I removed the excess ink with a paper towel.  Then I added the quote and it was done.

For Day 34 which was July 4, I wanted to make it somewhat of a tribute to my neighbours to the south and their Independence Day holiday.  I started with an American flag which I printed on some cardstock.  I adhered it to my index card with Glue and Seal.  Then I used a Crafter’s Workshop stencil and covered it with regular acrylic gel.  After it air dried, I spritzed the card with a variety of spritzes in red, white and blue shades.  Then I dabbed random areas with paper towel to pick up some of the excess inks.  Then I added some words from Tim Holtz’s chit chat stickers and it was done.

There is a lot of texture on this card and some of the areas have a bit of a sheen and others are matter.  This photo shows a bit more of the texture:

For Day 35, I mixed some blue fluid acrylic paint into some Light Molding Paste and spread it over a Crafter’s Workshop stencil.  The light molding paste blended well with the paint and, although it is rather thick, it is easy to work with a dries with an almost marshmallowy finish.  I misted the card with some perfect pearls and added the quote with Tim Holtz’s chit chat stickers and it was done.

The texture on this card is very well defined.  Here is a look at another angle:

It almost has a velvety feel when it is dry.  I like the effect on this card very much.  Leave a link to your ICADs in the comments section.  I am always interested to see what everyone else is dreaming up with their ICADs.

It’s the weekend already!  And another long one for me In celebration of Orangeman’s Day.  Orangemen’s Day commemorates the Battle of the Boyne, which took place in 1690 outside Drogheda, now in the Republic of Ireland. It is a provincial holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador on the Monday closest to July 12.  I’ll take it!

As I sit typing this post, it is POURING rain outside, but still very hot and humid.  Lots of rain in the forecast for the weekend.  Hopefully, the forecast will change so that we can take in some of the festivities here in Conception Bay South this weekend.  It is the annual Kelligrews Soiree and there are lots of fun things to do.

Enjoy your weekend!


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