Project Life – Week 21

Happy July 4th to all my American friends and relatives!  Hope you are enjoying the celebrations!  I’m back today with another update from Project Life.  And in real life it’s week 27 which means that I am over halfway there! Yay for me!  How are the rest of you doing with your Project Life? Are you still playing along?  Are you keeping up?  Do you have any tips for ways to keep it interesting?

Week 21 was another busy week in our life with lots of photos to fill the Project Life spread.  It was B’s 46th Birthday this week…you will notice the cake has a “4” candle and six individual candles.  As he gets older, it gets harder to light the cake without burning the house down so this is a compromise, plus they didn’t have a “6” candle at the store!  The St. John’s Ice Caps played their final game of the season this week.  It was a heartbreaking end to an Cinderella inaugaral season.  We had some really nice weather and the Terra Nova FPSO was in Conception Bay for a few days before beginning its journey to Belfast for scheduled maintenance.  That was an interesting site to see and it is amazing that it is able to drill for offshore oil on the Grand Banks and that 200 people make it home for 2 weeks at a time while working out there.  It was also Grade 9 Graduation for a couple of A and L’s childhood friends so they took a quick run out to see them before they headed off to their ceremony.  Here’s a look at the pages from this week:

Here’s a closer look at the left-hand page with the usual title card and journaling week in review card.

I REALLY love those photos of Conception Bay with the seagulls and the FPSO, I can’t imagine not living close to the ocean.  It is part of who I am!

Here’s a closer look at the left-hand page:

These are some of my favorite photos.  The Ice Caps did this salute to the fans at the end of every home game in the playoffs.  It was great to see that they appreciate our support.  And, in return, the fans showed their appreciation in the Final game.  Even though the score was 4-0 for the opposing team, the fans remained until the very end of the game and when there was 3 minutes left, every fan in the building was on their feet cheering for theIce Caps until the final seconds clicked away on the clock.  Hockey is alive and well in St. John’s and the fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2!

B always makes such a big production of his family birthday supper and his birthday cake (which MUST be chocolate with chocolate icing….none of those fancy or ice cream cakes for him)!  This series of him blowing out his birthday candles makes me laugh!

And the photo of the A & L with the girls getting ready for the grad is amazing to me.  It seems like only yesterday they were playing together at the sitter.  And here they are now, all grown up.  I can see a scrapbook layout with “then” and “now” photos in the very near future (stay tuned)!

It’s Wednesday already!  I love these short weeks after the long weekend!  Have a great day!


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