Project Life – Week 19

Week 19 was the week that B & I spent in London and Paris, so this week’s spread is very photo heavy.  It was difficult to pick just a few photos from the hundred’s that I took but I tried to pick from the highlights of the places that we visited and the things that we did.

The left hand side contains the week and date information.  This paper was from a few leftover scraps from Sara’s 2011 Yearlong Album Class, an October Afternoon collection pack, I believe.  I added a journalling card but, again, it was difficult to condense the trip of a lifetime to a 4 X 6 card.  (There will be lots of lo’s to come from this trip, I am still working on photo editing!).  I added titles to some of the pages with letter stickers to highlight some of the places.

The right hand page was full of photos with just one kraft journal card with a few travel themed stickers added.

Here are a few things that I have learned during the Project Life process and a few tips to help you perservere:

1. Don’t get bogged down in making the pages pretty.  It’s more about the photos and the stories.  It’s important to get that stuff done because that’s what you fall behind on.  You can always go back and dress up the content later. And the more you embellish, the thicker the pages become.  The thicker the pages, the less that will fit in the Project Life Album and then you will need to assess how many albums that you will need.  I have really been trying to keep my pages fairly thin as I am hoping to keep my Project Life to one album (fingers crossed)!

2. Don’t fall behind.  If you do, it’s nearly impossible to catch up.  But don’t stress out if you do.  Just print the photos and get them in the album, the rest will come later.

3. Journal as it happens.  I keep a running word document where I journal my weeks.  I carry it around with me on a memory stick in my purse.  Then I can just pull it out and write my thoughts every couple of days.  And I have it with me wherever I go so I can update it whenever I have a free moment, at home or at work.

4. Keep your photos organized and print them weekly.  If you get nothing else done, you can, at least, fill the photo slots.

5. The Project Life kit is nice…but you really don’t need it.  My sister gave me the project life album and kit to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I pulled it all out at that time and said “I can’t do this…this is way too much for me” and tucked it away again.  Then I started seeing Project Life popping up all over the blogasphere and the more I saw it, the more I thought that I would like to try it.  So I pulled out the kit and started in January 2012.  By the end of January, I was sick of the pieces in the kit.

6. Project Life is a great way to use up some of that paper and supply stash that you have hoarded over the years!  I am currently working on using up a few 6X6 Basic Grey paper pads that I had lying around, full of great intentions when I bought them, but never got around to making what seemed like a good idea at the time.

7. It’s okay to move on with empty spaces in your weekly layout.  You can always go back and put something there later.  Even if is just a piece of patterned paper.  I am actually going back to fill in a few holes this week.  I pulled out my Ali Edwards  Technique Tuesday stamps and a lot of those have really neat, generic, family, memory oriented sentiments that would be a great addition to any page.  I went back at one point and combined two weeks into a single double page spread because I really didn’t have enough to fill all of those empty spaces.  It forced some extra creativity but I was happier with the result in the end as it filled the holes!

8. Project Life is a great place to try new things.  For example, as you know, I am currently participating in the Index Card A Day Challenge.  So at the end of the challenge I will have 61 index cards.  Rather than just make a pile of cards that gets thrown in a box and never looked at again, I have decided to incorporate my cards into my Project Life.  I have mounted each card onto a 4X6 background card and stamped the date that it was created and slipped it into my Project Life Album.  So, that left me with little room for the regular, day-to-day weekly stuff.  So I have been trying my hand at some digital and hybrid scrapbooking.  I have created some photo grids and used some digital elements that I downloaded to put together the weekly recap (more on that later).   By changing up the style, you don’t get stuck in a rut, you are forced to be creative and it makes for an interesting album.  This has also allowed my to experiment with different sizes depending on what has happened during the week.  I used 8.5X11 for one week, 6X12 for another and 12×12 for another.

9. Use inserts to hold your ephemera.  I have incorporated some of the extra pieces that I have accumulated during the weeks by just slipping them into an appropriately sized page protector.  For example, one week I had some cards that I wanted to keep and a program from an event that we attended.  I put it all in an 8X8 page protector and slipped it in the middle of the 2 page spread.

10. Don’t be a quitter!  There have been a few times where I have felt that I was so overwhelmed, was falling farther and farther behind and simply couldn’t go on.  That this was way too much effort.  But then I took a breather and printed my photos and filled in as many spaces as I could and moved on.  Those are the ones that will require a second look at some point or not.  Really, are a few empty spaces that important?

How are you coping with Project Life?  If you started in January, you are at the midway point now!  It’s all downhill from here, right?  Please leave me a link to your Project Life photos in the comments section, I am always interested in looking at other people’s work.


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