Saturday Stuff…

School is out for summer! A & L brought home report cards that made me proud.  L also got the results of her voice exam and passed that with honours!  So it’s been a pretty good week at our house.  Now its on to the summer pursuits…A starts work with the summer recreation program in our town on Monday morning.  L is looking forward to a few lazy days to work on her tan before she starts dance camp and her summer music theory course.  Here’s a photo of the two of them on the last day of school:

I am looking forward to Sara’s Yearlong Album class at the Paperie tomorrow.  I have so little done with it and since I am participating in Project Life, I have decided to use it for my 2013 base album.  I have not been to eager to fill it up so far this year because I have put so much time and effort into my Project Life and it was just be duplicating.  Now that I have less pressure to feel like I have done something with it, I can sit back and enjoy the techniques without feeling like I am falling farther and farther behind.

The weather has been very strange here all week.  Every morning starts out with a thick, grey fog and mist.  Then as the morning progresses, the fog burns off and it becomes a beautiful, hot, sunny day.  This morning, B and I got up at 4:30 to drive S and her friend to the airport.  They are heading to Cuba for a week.  The fog was like pea soup.  And it was still like it when we got up again at 9:30. And it stayed that way until well into this afternoon.  I wish it could be beautiful, sunny and hot from early in the morning until late at night!

B, L and I took a quick drive to the cabin late this morning.  It was a gorgeous day out there.  The water in the pond was warm.  Days like this make me wish that the cabin was livable.  These are the days that I am looking forward to spending there.

B and I are heading out to a gala fundraising dinner tonight for the Children’s Wish Foundation.  We are going with our close friends and transportation is via limo.  Should be lots of fun and proceeds are in aid of one of my favorite charities.

Still working away at Index Card a Day and loving it!  It’s a fun way to try out lots of stuff that I would normally never do and stuff that is out of my comfort zone.   I like the size of it too…perfect for experimenting!  I am loving that there are so many people participating and posting their work too…it’s great to see what everyone else is doing.

Stay tuned for posts this week with ICAD update, Project Life update and maybe a layout or two.  Have a great weekend….get out there and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and work on those memories to scrapbook later!


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