Project Life – Weeks 16, 17 & 18

It was during Project Life Week 17 that I was sure that it would be my last week!  It was becoming more and more difficult to stay up-to-date and it was during weeks 16 and 17 that the photos were not keeping up either.  When it came time to put the two-page spreads together, I simply did not have enough to fill up the page protectors.  It stayed that was for a while and I continued into the other weeks trying to come up with a way to add more stuff.  But once our vacation week hit, I realized that I would not ever have time to “go back” so I took the two weeks and reduced them into a two-page for two-weeks and moved on.  Here’s how it looked:

The pictures may not necessarily fit on the page where they are located but it does give an overview of what happened during that two-week period.  Here’s a closer look:

I used my blog post as journalling about Big Tom.  I added the menu from our night out at Chef to Go since I didn’t have any photos.  This two-pager is definitely not my favorite in the book but it’s completed and so I moved on.

Here’s a look at Week 18:

Lots of activity at the cabin this week…it’s nearly livable!  It was also A’s birthday this week and we had cake at home after a dinner at the Keg.  The Ice Caps were still in the playoffs and L made me a very proud mama!  Thanks to B for the photos from the cabin.  It’s nice not to always have the sole responsibility for taking ALL of the photos to document our life.  Here’s a closer look:

So I am still keeping up-to-date with project life.  I am not a quitter and I have come so far, it would just be a shame to stop now.  I have changed my focus for the summer months.  I am using a more digital process It is more of a one page update with a grid/collage of photos  and the pockets are holding my ICAD’s.  But I’ll show you more of that later:)

We are still in exam mode here as A has two public exams next week…biology and history.  So it’s been pretty low-key around the house this past few weeks. L is finished her exams and is getting into summer mode.   B spends his time at the cabin doing odd jobs and cleaning up after the carpenters.  The good news is that we are just a couple of weeks away from a point where we can stay in it.  It won’t be finished for quite a while but we do have running water, bathrooms, interior walls and doors.  So if you don’t mind roughing it a little, it will be great!  I have been playing with ICAD2 and participating in the Washi Workshop at Studio Calico (I’ll have a complete post on that when I am finished the workshop to show you some of the projects that I have completed).  I am currently working on a layout for a Layout Tag — I love those…working with a LO for inspiration and a time limit…forces you to “get it done!”

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update for ICAD2…enjoy your Saturday!


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