June’s 12 on 12

I have been participating on the 12 on 12 challenge for the past few months.  I always have to set a reminder to do it and I am going to have to set a few reminders on my phone during the day because it always seems like the day is half over and I go, oops, I forgot to take my photos for today!  And then it is a scramble to find things to photograph later in the evening.  But this month, I was lucky because it was the first really nice day that we’ve had around here in a while and I was more than happy to take my camera around with me all day waiting for photo ops.  Here is what I saw on the 12th of June:

Starting from the top left hand side:

1.  The first coffee of the day…I love my timmies!

2.  My backyard….primary colors make me happy.

3.  A birdhouse in my yard….reminds me of Dr. Seuss.

4. Romo lying in a sunbeam on the floor.  He was very lazy today…not really fond of the hot sun.

5.  My golden chain tree is FINALLY blooming.

6.  The inner harbour at the yacht club.

7.  What is that ball in the sky and where has it been hiding?

8.  First day of the year with the top down!

9. My giant hosta plant in the front yard.

10. Mmmm…dessert!

11. Max posing for a treat.

12. Sunset at Topsail Beach.

I absolutely loved the sunshiny weather.  And the day was full of happy colors!

Earlier tonight I was at the Paperie for a class with Sara where we played with our distress markers and tried out all kinds of techniques.  It was lots of fun and we came away with a bunch of tags with the techniques on the front and the recipes for how we made them on the back.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more index cards.


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