Saturday Stuff….

It’s Saturday, it’s a new month, the weather sucks but there is so much happening that I don’t even care!  We are heading into the last stretch of the school year around here, exams start on Friday so the kids are between crazy study and can’t wait for summer vacation mode!  Thankfully the weather is not cooperating and there is no urge to get out in the sunshine.  Activities are winding down for the year, L had her dance recital a couple of weeks ago and classes are now finished, she has her voice exam on Tuesday and that will be a welcome relief after a year of preparation.  She is auditioning for some shows this weekend and next, lots of fun stuff happening here in the fall!  Construction on the cabin continues…working on the ceilings now…we will soon be at that all-important point where we can actually use it!

Project Life has fallen way behind so I have decided to change it up a bit for the summer months.  I am going to do single page spreads with journalling and grid of photos for June and July and use the PL pages for my ICAD’s (more on that later).  Since returning from Europe, I have been struggling to keep up, not because there’s nothing to fill up the pages, just because I haven’t had time to put it all  together.  The worst thing about Project Life is that it is not forgiving, you have to be committed, you can’t put it aside and come back to it later and catch up.  So you have to be innovative and so now for June and July, it is going to be a place to journal with snapshots of my week, plus enhance my creative juices through art journalling.

So my friends Sara and Cathie have been tweeting all week about this challenge on Daisy Yellow and it looks like so much fun, so I have decided to play along.  Here’s my first card:

Are you playing along too?  Would love to see what you have created? Post a link so I can have a look.

I’ve spent a little time playing with my Washi Tape that I am amassing quite a collection of.  I sat in on a seminar the other night called Washi Wahoo offered through Layout A Day.  It was very informative and gave lots of interesting ideas for things that you can do with washi tape.  I am also signed up for the Studio Calico class, the Washi Workshop.  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head right now…

Here’s a layout that I put together on the washi tape theme…

I love the happy colors in this layout!  The 8 X 8 mat for the photos is actually an old piece of cardstock covered with washi tape.  Lots of bits and pieces of Amy Tangerine products here (I love her stuff)!  I love these photos of L, too!  She would say “they are so embarassing, delete them!”  But every now and then, she’ll let her guard down and be herself for the camera.  How are you using up your washi tape? I am looking for all your ideas.

Enjoy your weekend!  I am heading to The Paperie tomorrow for what should be an interesting class called Designer Duos.  Cathie and Sara are using the same supplies to create two very different projects.  Their styles are so very different, I am very excited to see what they come up with.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff….

  1. Great job on your first card! I like all the colours and the use of the map. I need to get going on my second since my kids are occupied…now what to do…
    Love the wash tape layout too, I think I need to get me a huge supply of wash tape…oh it looks like so much fun.

    • Thanks for your kind comments! I visited your blog as well and love you ICAD! I enjoy doodling as well and the multi patterns that you combined on yours look like lots of fun! Great idea to play along with you grandkids too! Can’t wait to see what they come up with as well. Thanks for visiting!

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