Happy May Day!

Wow!  Can you believe it’s May already?  Where did that month go?  It’s a pretty busy week around here…so much happening.  I attended a couple of classes at the Paperie last week, Sara’s Hero Arts Studio Calico Card Class and Sara’s Year Long Album Class.  Loved the cards that we made, loved the techniques.  I really enjoy Sara’s classes as she always comes up with something new and something different!  I am falling behing on my year long album class and really hope to get caught up in May.  Will definitely have to try and get to a crop night to put it together.

Currently….I am putting the finishing touches on Week’s 15 & 16 and creating Week 17 in Project Life.  Last week, my plan was to participate in Ali Edward‘s Week in the Life and incorporate that into my Project Life.  But I found that after a couple of days, it really wasn’t for me…too intense.  And since I work behind a desk all day, I was taking way too many photos of my coffee cup and my computer screen.  Plus, since my kids spend a lot of time doing their own thing, I use their pictures in my project life but it just doesn’t fit with the WITL concept.  I really have been enjoying the daily posts of Sara, Cathie and Krista as they participated in WITL and am looking forward to seeing their finished products, especially since their styles are so completely different!

Currently…I am getting ready for a very busy month which includes birthdays for my sister, my son, my husband and his twin, my niece and a few dear friends!  Then there is Mother’s Day, L’s Dance Recital which includes two performances and countless hours of rehearsals and dress rehearsals.  Then there will be a much needed May 24 weekend which I hope will include some time here:

Currently….I am trying to finish up a pile of stuff at work, get the house prepared and work out the schedules for the kids so that B and I can head to Europe where he will attend the presentation ceremony for a huge honour that he was awarded at work.

Currently…I am trying to pack a suitcase which is definitely not my favorite thing to do.  I always forget something or end up bringing things that I don’t need!

Currently…I am disappointed that I will not be able to make yet another Paperie Retreat.  I have so many things that I want to complete and a weekend away would be the perfect opportunity to feel like I have accomplished something.  And I will miss all the fun, the laughs, the drinks and eats with my scrapbooking friends!  I am planning for the fall one already!

Currently…I need to buy a couple of extra memory cards for my camera…I feel like I will be taking a lot of photos in the next few days.

Currently…I am excited.  I am leaving on Saturday to go to London and Paris with my husband!  So much to do, so much to see!  I don’t think that sleep will be an option.

Currently….I am very proud of L.  Last night at her music lessson she was presented with this letter:

She was so excited and so proud.  She said it was a very weird night, her piano teacher wanted to take her picture, supposedly for a collage that she was making of all of her students.  L was not pleased as she had just come from a run before she went to music and still had her hair in a messy ponytail and was wearing her running clothes.  She said her teacher kept leaving the room and she never does that.  And I was not in the waiting room which is not the usual case.  I normally sit and enjoy the quiet hour but last night I had some errands to run so I didn’t come in.  So when she changed rooms for her voice lesson all of the teachers came into her room and they presented her with her letter.  I am so, so proud of her.  She works very hard at her piano and voice and it is nice to know that her teachers recognize her efforts!

Currently…I am excited about local playoff hockey!  On Friday night, we saw the Ice Caps clinch their series against the Crunch!  It was probably the best hockey game I have seen all year.  The atmosphere in the building was so exciting and electric!  Tonight they start a best of seven series against the Penguins and we will be there to see Game 1.  Should be another fun night!

Enjoy your May Day!


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