Drinking….coffee #2

Thinking about….what I’m going to have for lunch.  Maybe half a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and a bowl of mixed berries?

Wearing…black dress pants, pink tee and black cardigan, black sandals (my toes are cold!)…chillier today than it has been all week.

Feeling…blah!  L was not very nice/cooperative this morning which made me angry and upset.  I have so much to get done at work in the next week or so before B and I head to our European vacation.

Weather….typical grey, foggy, drizzly Newfoundland day.

Thinking…about all the nights out I have this week (card class at the Paperie tonight with Sara, Ice Caps game tomorrow night, hair appointment Thursday night, dinner with friends at Chef to Go on Friday night) and when will I get the laundry done.

Wondering…if spring has dissappeared again…I hope not, I really enjoyed the warm, sunny days that we had on the weekend.

Carrying (in my bag)…wallet, extra card wallet, hairbrush, post-it flags, receipts, fold back clip, hand sanitizer, 2 pens, lipstick, 2 used usb sticks, 1 new 32gb usb stick, car keys, iphone, sony camera.

Working on….just finished these two ATC trays…I thought that it would be a good way to keep all of the kids school photos together and see how much they have changed over the years.

I figure that there will be a whole separate frame for Grade 12 with school photo, cap and gown photo, prom photo, etc.

Also put the finishing touches on my rainbow layouts from Sara’s class

Thanks to Amy Tangerine for the inspiration for today`s post.


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