Saturday Stuff…on Sunday!

Happy Easter!  This is that day that you eat chocolate all day and don’t feel the least bit guilty.  Easter Sunday always makes me smile.  When L was little she used to eat chocolate before her breakfast.  One year she ate so much that she actually made herself sick and it was one of those really cheap chocolate bunnies, you know, the one for $1 at Wal-Mart with a gazillion unrecognizable ingredients and none of which are milk or chocolate!  After that episode, she told everyone that she was allergic to cheap chocolate and insisted that everyone give her only Laura Secord, Godiva, Newfoundland Chocolate Company…you get the idea and it could contain no more than 2 ingredients that you didn’t recognize!

I am not cooking turkey today…I am waiting to have Easter Dinner until next week.  I am missing this boy who is in Iceland on a school trip.

I finally replaced my broken iMac.  It was a very sad day when they pronounced it dead back in January and I have been struggling along with a laptop PC ever since, but I really there is more truth to those commercials than anyone realizes.  Remember these (it’s a bit long but I love them all!):

I love those commercials and they really describe the conflicting parts of my brain and why I am okay with the PC at work but need the mac at home.

Happy Birthday to S who is 26 today!  She is spending it in Montreal with a group of french students from the school where she teaches.

It’s strange that we are not gearing up for an All Newfoundland Hockey Tournament this week….first time in a very long time that A is not playing in one.  Good Luck to all the teams competing in the many tournaments throughout Newfoundland and Labrador this week with special mention to the CBR Midget A team who are hosting their tournament in Kelligrews and to my nephew G and his Atom B team who are travelling to Deer Lake!

Happy Easter!



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