12 for twelve

So I decided to try dear lizzy’s daily dozen challenge.  This really makes you focus on what you are doing during the daily grind…here’s what I came up with:

The individual photos are as follows (right to left, top to bottom):

1. A photo of the canvas that I made at Sara‘s class at the Paperie on Sunday.  This is the one that is going in A’s room.

2. a selfie mirror pic.

3. This one is of Max singing a song.  It is one of his favorite things to do and will oblige anytime that you ask him and even sometimes when you don’t.  He often sings with L when she is practicing her vocalese for her upcoming Canadian Conservatory exam.

4. A snap of my first timmie’s of the day at my desk at work.

5. A getting smothered by kisses from Romo.

6. A photo from A’s high school hockey playoff game.  Holy Spirit lost this one and the best 2 of 3 series. A is the player on the left.

7.  In this one Max has Romo’s duck in his mouth and it has been that way for several hours.  And all this time, Romo is sitting staring at Max.  Max has the duck just so Romo doesn’t!  And Romo won’t take it out of Max’s mouth.  As soon as Max dropped it, Romo grabbed it and hid it in his bed.  Having two dogs is a constant source of simple amusement!

8.  This is my sweet puppy Romo patiently waiting for Max to drop the duck.

9.  A snap of my scrapspace at home where I am currently trying to get caught up on my Project Life.

10. This one of L is showing her frustration after she realized as soon as she answered the phone that she really shouldn’t have.

11. This is L’s canvas.  Hers has a couple of butterflies on it to make it a little more feminine and a little different from her brother’s.

12. This is my daytimer on my desk at work.  It is my diary where I keep notes on things that I’m doing, phone calls and a never-ending “to-do” list.  I would really be lost without it and even though there are many other electronic ways to keep this information, I am still partial to the paper and pen method.  Call me old-school!


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