Welcome to Fall!  And because I hate to post without a photo, I am including this one from a recent trip to Elliston, Newfoundland on a beautiful fall day!

2013-09-21 14.24.52


listening: to L singing “Songbird” in preparation for an upcoming audition.

eating: Vanilla Greek yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit is my new obsession, every morning for breakfast.

drinking: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It’s a treat that I love every year and signals the beginning of my favorite season.

wearing: still in summer clothes and open-toed shoes even though the calendar indicates that fall is here.

feeling:  overwhelmed.  Life is just too busy.  Lots happening at work, the kids are busy, we are trying to finish the spare bedroom at the cabin in time for Thanksgiving Weekend.

weather: Amazing!  It’s currently sunny and the temperature is 23 degrees celcius.  Unseasonably warm but I am certainly not complaining.  When we were at the cabin on Sunday, the pond was just as busy as a typical summer day with people out in boats, jet-skis, etc.

watching:  Season premieres of my favorites – Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife and really looking forward to Scandal this Thursday.

reading: The Rosie Project – and its living up to what everyone said about it.

wanting: to put the finishing touches on my Week in the Life Album this week and call it done!

thinking:  about all of the things that I have to do this month at work and at home! It’s almost overwhelming just looking at the calendar. Course assignments, The Wizard of Oz, Classes at The Paperie, specialist appointments with A, a conference in Deerhurst, the Manuels River Gala, the Wine Show, a Pre Budget Consultation and a Strategic Planning Session.  It all seems too much!

enjoying: this extended summer and great fall weather that we are having; summer temperatures into October.  Hanging on to that last bit before winter rears its ugly head!

wishing:  I had a bit more free time to spend catching up on my scrapbooking and art journaling.  Haven’t done much, except for classes, for the past few months.

Welcome to October!  In my opinion, the prettiest month of the year.  It also has Thanksgiving and Halloween, two of my favorites holiday!  It’s been a busy September and October is shaping up to be the same.  This will be the start of my back to regular blogging today.  Expect at least two posts a week and I will share some of the things that I created over the summer months and some of the things that I am working on now.

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.

12 on Twelve – The July 2013 Edition

I am still loving the 12 on 12 project.  It gives a snapshot of what’s going on in my life and around me and it could be a very busy day or one with not so much going on.  Either way, it lets me capture the many different ways that I spend my time.

12 on Twelve

July 12 was a strange day…so many things happening.  I experienced a RAK, moved back into the house after having some renos done, it was soooo hot and humid, spent some time with friends from a lifetime ago, went downtown (I know, I can’t believe it either!).  It was a day that could not be more out of the ordinary.

In this collage (starting at the top left) you will see:

1.  Flowers from an old friend in Bishops College (my high school) colours.  It’s a funny story but he had a little contest on facebook where he said that the first person who guessed the correct answer would win a prize.  He was talking about how he ran into an old friend from high school and that she was the one of the prettiest and smartest girls from back then and that she wasn’t on Facebook.  Since I am, I knew he wasn’t talking about me (haha), I made a guess.  I certainly wasn’t expecting a real honest to goodness prize, but sure enough, the next day, he showed up at my office with flowers!  It gets even funnier because right at that moment when we were chatting and catching up, who else shows up at my office but my husband?  My old friend was disappointed that husband never even flinched that he brought me flowers.  He also got all the girls in the office talking and wondering who was this guy who brought me flowers?  Truly his RAK made my day!

2. The aftermath of the renos.  We had our hardwood floors refinished and had to move out of the house for a few days.  We also had the paint refreshed.  The 12th was spent putting the house back together.

3.  Out of 30 people who work in our building, on Friday, there were only 6 of us there.  It seems that a lot of people were taking advantage of the amazing weather and starting holidays or heading out to Salmonfest.  Either way, the building was deserted.  So we decided a little treat was in order.  We had the most amazing cupcakes, white chocolate filled with vanilla pudding.  Yummy!

4.  This beautiful peony was blooming my garden.  I don’t have much of a green thumb and opt for low maintenance perennials for my garden.  But I do love it when something beautiful appears.

5.  This girl was a street performer on George Street on Friday night.  She was juggling batons with flames!  We watched her from the open window at the Sundance.

6.  More of the men in my life putting the house back together and was it ever hot and humid on Friday!

7.  The best dog in the whole world!

8.  This is George Street on the Friday night of Salmonfest….not much happening here tonight, no lineups, not many people on the street.  The perfect night for me to go downtown, if I have to!  I never was one for heading downtown, even in my younger days.

9.  A quick snap of Charlie, Leah’s new puppy.  It’s blurry because he won’t stay still long enough to let you take his picture.

10.  DInner at the Gypsy Tea Room with a group of friends from high school.  One of our friends was home from Louisiana and messaged a few of us on Facebook to see if we wanted to get together.  So 8 of us went to dinner and then we met up with a few more later for drinks.  It was just like we saw each other yesterday, even though it’s been 29 years since we left the doors of Bishops College.   We have had two reunions and various encounters throughout the years and have stayed in touch on Facebook.  But it was just so great to see each other and catch up.  And there was none of that drama that is so much part of your life in high school!

11. Old friends at the Martini Bar

12. More old friends at the Sundance

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!  The weather for the past couple of weeks has been amazing.  We spent a few days at the cabin while the renos were happening at the house.  I will have sporadic posts throughout the summer depending on what’s happening. Once the fall hits, I will be back on a normal schedule and so will my blog.  Right now I am just enjoying summer!


You’ll have to excuse the lateness of this post.  I had it already to go but decided I wanted to add some photos and then life took over and got me all distracted again.  I am seriously thinking of changing the title of this blog to “The Delinquent Blogger!”

Time: 8:30 p.m., June 30, 2013

Location: Sitting in my family room.

Weather: Humid, warm.  It’s been a strange weekend.  Staying with the idea that if you don’t like the weather in NL, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Watching: Waiting for Dexter, final season premiere.

Listening:   I just downloaded Sting’s greatest hits and Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits from itunes.  We saw Sting at Mile One last week and it was a great show!  All those songs bring back such memories!  Loving me some retro music right now.


Eating: no much right now but my belly is full from turkey dinner with all the fixings!  Mmmm!


Drinking: Large glass of ice water.  Dinner was a little salty.  Again, mmmmm!

Needing: the summer to slow down just a little, it’s already the end of June and it doesn’t even really feel like summer yet.

Looking forward to:  seeing the new space where The Paperie is moving.  Change is good and I am sure that there will be lots of fun times to be had in the “new” store!

Wanting: the weather to turn to summer.  It’s time now, enough of this rain, drizzle and fog!

Crafting:  Working on “the undones.”  I put them all together in a container and have been taking them out one at a time and putting the finishing touches on them and moving them into the appropriate album.  Feels good!

Enjoying: L was in a summer dance camp last week and they put on a little end-of-camp performance on Friday afternoon.  It was quite enjoyable.  They are quite talented and put off a recital-quality show with only 4 days of rehearsal.  It was also great to see an old friend who popped into the show on a visit home from Vancouver!

Smiling at:  Charlie, the new Yorkie has really thrown our world into a spin.  He is very high maintenance, can’t be left alone, is endlessly annoying to Max and Romo who have no time for his playful antics.  But he is so cute, loves attention and is always happy to see you!


Loving:  seeing all the flowers and trees blooming!


Thinking: about the wedding that we attended yesterday and something that I read recently — “you don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you can’t live without.”  This is so very true.  At this point in your life, you really don’t have to get married.  You can be together without having to make the commitment, sometimes it’s easier that way.  There is way less pressure to make it work.  But if you find that person who you know is the “one,” it makes it that much more special to go above and beyond and make the special commitment.  I am a sucker for weddings, if you can’t tell that already!

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.

Currently….(aka Better Late Than Never)

*** Forgive my lateness, this should have been posted on Friday, May 31st but due to circumstances beyond my control, the weekend got away from me.

Drinking:  A glass of red wine, Palo Alto

Eating: BBQed hamburgers and homemade fries for dinner tonight.

Listening:  Leah made me a “mix tape” cd for Mother’s Day with a bunch of music that we both like on it, runs from Mumford and Sons to Luke Bryan and everything in between.  It’s currently in the CD player in my car and I listen to it just about every day.

Wearing: jeans and a long sleeved Tshirt.  I could probably wear socks since my feet are freesing but I am trying to be optimistic that summer will be here soon.

Reading:  Haven’t been reading much lately…work has been busy and I am tired too tired at the end of the day to pull out a book.  So my reading consists of the daily blogs that I read, and the newspaper and news websites.  I  finding the sorties about Rob Ford and Mike Duffy increasingly ridiculous!

Feeling: Content today.  L had her Voice exam this morning and she nailed it!  When she came out, she did a leprechaun leap in the parking lot and when she got in the car she kept saying, “it was really good, it was really good.”  Then she broke down into a full out bawl…so we both had a cry and then we went on with the rest of the day.  She works so hard and it means so much to her, I am so pleased that it went so well for her today.

Weather: yuck!  Rainy, cold windy.  I think it was around 10 degrees most of the day.  I wish the weather would turn around for good.  The past few days have been sunny but cool.

Wanting: Not much these days.  Life is good!  The kids are both doing great.  L was able to opt out of all of her final exams and A only has to write 2 public exams and he is finished high school!

Needing: To clean and declutter the house.  I spent some time tonight going through scrapbook paper and sorting it into piles to be given away and keep.  Now I need to tackle the scrapbook room, my closet and the cedar closet in the basement.  I am not a hoarder but it amazes me how quickly stuff amasses.

Thinking: About the Janeway Telethon this weekend and what a huge part of our lives it has been.  Please remember to give generously this weekend, #forallourkids.

Enjoying: L and her new puppy Charlie.  He is totally in love with her.  We just got him today but he has not left her at all since he arrived.  When he is not in her lap, he is at her feet.  He is just what she wanted.  He totally belongs to her and no-one else.

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.

Saturday Stuff….

Happy Saturday!

1. I am loving this new iphonep app from Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess.  As a matter of fact, I am currently addicted to it.  I have edited just about every photo that I had on my camera roll, can’t…stop…playing!


2. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying my quilting class.  We had our 2nd class last week and made a quilt sandwich.  And the group of girls in the class make it that much more fun.  Looking forward to finishing it off at the next class and moving on to something new.  And I am fascinated by the new Tim Holtz fabrics, what can I make with this?

3. This is old news now but I am very excited that Dina Wakley is coming to teach at The Paperie in August!  I am enjoying the exposure that I have had to mixed media techniques through Sara and Cathie‘s classes and can’t wait to learn more!  For more information on this very exciting weekend, click here.

4.  I am planning to participate in ICAD3 starting June 1.  I had so much fun with this last year!  I am excited to try out new techniques and products and I love to see what everyone else is up to!

5.  Love how these Grade 5 students are calling Stephen Harper out for his childish and bullying behaviour.  It really pushes the issue of “attack ads” to the forefront and makes you wonder why politicians can’t focus on the issues and just what kind of role model the Prime Minister is for these young children?

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!  I hope you are taking some time to do something just for you!

Hello Long Weekend!

It’s the first sign of summer, the first long weekend of the year when everyone heads out to their cabins, cottages, parks in trailers, tents, etc. for some relaxation.  It’s been a longstanding tradition for B and I to go somewhere, anywhere on the May 24th weekend.  It almost always involves lots of food, drink and time with friends.

When we first started dating way, way back in the 80’s, we would head out in our tent which almost always ended with me sleeping in some vehicle to get in out of the cold, snow and rain.  We graduated to a tent camper in university which at least got us off the ground.  Then after the children were born we moved to a travel trailer which morphed into two more before we finally sold it off and bought a piece of land at Goose Pond.  Those days in the trailer were awesome and the kids still talk about the great times that we had with our “camping friends.”  The fishing, softball games, BBQ’s, campfires, epic games of monopoly and, when the boys got older, Texas Hold-em, the horseshoe tournaments, the lobsters, the feeds of Jiggs Dinner, the s’mores and spider wieners, the shed, the dogs.  Ah, the good times.

As the children turn into teenagers, their interests change and it gets harder and harder to convince them to come along.  Yet they are not old enough to be left home so the days of camping get less and less.  One by one our friends starting selling off their trailers and staying home more.  Now we are embarking on a new adventure with a cabin at Goose Pond.  We will take what time with the kids that we can get and it’s big enough that they can bring some friends along if they do decide to join us for the weekend.

Today I am sharing a layout that I completed at The Paperie Retreat last fall.  The Design Team each put together at kit to be sold at the retreat and this was a kit that was put together by Design Team Member Lori Smith.  I am always in awe of Lori’s layouts, she has a very distinctive style which focuses on the little details and visual interest.  Her layouts often combine many different elements but she manages to put them together in such a way that you are not overwhelmed even though there is so much different stuff going on.

2012-11-24 09.20.15

I chose a photo that I just love of L from Thanksgiving weekend which was the last overnight that we had at Goose Pond in 2012.  It was an amazing day and L is sitting on the wharf looking out at the pond which is completely still and the fall sky is reflecting in the perfect mirror.

Lori’s kit had everything in it to complete the layout, most of it already cut so I just had to put it together.  She chose a white card stock base which was tap-tapped with some black mist and the hexagons were cut from a sheet of patterned paper.  The photo was mounted on a black cardstock and the edges of all of the bits and pieces of patterned paper were inked with black distress ink.  The matted photo was placed on some strips of card stock and adhered, then the hexagons were fitted together in a haphazard pattern and adhered.  There are 3 different washi tapes used at the top and bottom of the page and under the photo.  Then all of the little bits, the wood veneers, buttons, letter stickers, additional hexagons were added randomly.

2012-11-24 09.20.30

You will also notice that some of the hexagons are mounted with pop-dots and some are not, just to give the extra bit of dimension.  And I can’t tell you enough how much I am loving the wood veneer pieces!

2012-11-24 09.20.25

Lori made good use of her Silhouette on this layout.  She used it to cut out the letters for the title for me and the geotag with the word “here” was also cut out using the Silhouette.  It was glued onto some book paper which was then trimmed to fit.

The great thing about the Silhouette is that you can take any font that is located on your computer and create cut files.  The Ariel font was used here and makes for clean and simple letters for titles.  Love it!

Enjoy the long weekend!  Make sure that your camera is never too far away so that you can capture those memories as they are happening!

Dance….like no one is watching!

L’s first show of this year’s recital is tonight and I am really looking forward to it!

In honour of dance recital week and because I am a dance mom, I am back today showing another one of my favorite layouts using a gorgeous photo of L.  This is from last year’s dance photo shoot and because I liked the photo so much, I printed it in 8X10 and showcased it in this layout!

I happened upon this paper quite by accident during Krista’s “How to Make a Kit” class back in the fall at The Paperie.  One of my friends found the paper while we were putting together our kits and knew that it would be perfect for me!

2012-11-24 09.27.11-1

I matted the photo on grey cardstock and centered it on the 12X12 patterned paper which was perfect for this photo and layout, added some embellishments and a title and called it done.

2012-11-24 09.27.24

The grey letter stickers are from two different sets, one is Studio Calico and the other is the skinny alphas from Jenni Bowlin.  The Studio Calico wood veneer hearts and arrows are a go-to for me in recent layouts, I just love them!  That’s washi tape (another one of my favorite go-to’s) with a strip of patterned paper from the B side of the 12X12 that I used for my layout.

2012-11-24 09.27.23

The ballet slippers, ballerina and the smaller ballet slippers with the word “Ballet” are all from FabScraps and come as unfinished chipboard.  I used distress stains to add color to them and layered up the stain until I was happy with the colour.  For the larger ballet slippers, I added stickles for a bit of sparkle because you can never have too much glitter!

Happy Hump Day!

May’s 12 on Twelve….and April too!

Until Sara posted this yesterday, I had completely forgotten about this month’s 12 on 12.  Fortunately, I was busy taking photos all weekend so I did manage to complete the task without even realizing it!


It just so happened that May 12th was also Mother’s Day and I was really spoiled by my wonderful family this year!

1. For Mother’s Day supper, I had a special treat of lobsters, mmmmm!  Our first meal of the wonderful crustations for 2013.

2.  The kitchen at Goose Pond is nearly completed.  We spent some time there on Sunday, cleaning and straightening and figuring out what we needed to stock it since we are finally done using paper plates and plastic cutlery.

3.  L put together a very special gift basket of goodies for me for Mother’s Day complete with post-it notes with commentary and/or humourous tidbits attached.  She included some gift certificates for my favorite store with a note attached that says “an excuse for you to buy things here.”

4. She also included a gift card for Tim Horton’s with a note that said “for the days that father can’t get you a coffee.”

5. A gave me these beautiful Pandora charms.

6. A look at the new kitchen sink at Goose Pond.

7. L included some body butter in my gift basket “for the days you shave your legs.”

8. A look at the rest of/most important part of the kitchen where my wine fridge and wine glasses are.  A friend commented that there is probably nothing in the cupboards but there is wine and wine glasses on hand.  Hell ya!

9. Here’s a look at the full contents of my super-duper Mother’s Day gift basket from L.  She obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it.

10. There were candles “for the days you might be able to relax.”  She knows me too well!

11. She made me a mix-tape to listen to in my car.

12.  And she included a pile of my favorite candies, spearmint leaves and swedish berries!

I also realized that I have not yet shared last month’s 12 on 12 either.  We spent the 12th of April in Rome and toured the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Cathedral.  It was a 5 hour tour with quite a knowledgeable tour guide named Severio, talk about information overload! But it was an enjoyable day and it was our last day in Rome before moving on to Tuscany.  It was also an interesting time to be in the country as they had just selected their new Pope and were in the process of selecting a new leader for the government.

April 12 on 12

1. Us in St. Peter’s Square.

2. A pug puppy outside the tour office, made me homesick, missing my canine babies.

3. A marker on the ground in St. Peter’s Square which says July 23 which also happens to be my birthday.

4. By the time the tour was over we were tired and famished.  We found a little restaurant near our hotel and stopped for pizza and peroni’s.

5. This is the ceiling in one of the rooms in the Vatican Museum.  It will give you an idea of what the Sistine Chapel is like but you are not permitted to take photos in there.  Simply amazing!

6. Our best friends and the greatest people to vacation with, in St. Peter’s Square.

7. Some of the larger than life art work in the Vatican Museum.

8.  This is another marker on the ground in St. Peter’s Square.

9.  Another view of St. Peter’s Square and its amazing architecture.

10.  St. Peter’s Cathedral, so beautiful!

11.  The Swiss Guard who are elite members of the Swiss Army hand selected for the prestigious duty of guarding the Pope.

12.  A view of the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral from inside the Vatican Museum.

Hope you are having a great week so far!

On With the Show…

So it’s that time of the year again, the Dance Centre is holding it’s annual recital at the Arts and Culture Centre this week.  It’s that time of the year when the students get to show off the skills that they have learned during the year and the parents get to see how their children have progressed and how all that money paid out in tuition fees, costumes, shoes, and tickets are translating into that beautiful, confident, poised and oh-so talented ballerina on the stage!

It truly is L’s favorite time of the year where she and her best friends in the whole world set up camp backstage at the Arts and Culture Centre for a full week, day and into the very late nights!

It’s also a special year for the Dance Centre as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary which means that I am expecting a very special show that is all glittery and sparkly silver with lots of nostalgia in the mix.  L has been dancing there for too many years to count and has transformed from that chubby, bossy little girl who tells all the others in her class what to do on stage to a graceful, confident, talented dancer, skills that will be with her for the rest of her days.

In honour of this week’s events, I am sharing a layout I did which showcases L’s costumes from last year’s show.

2012-11-24 09.22.02

As you can see, she was in several numbers which included tap, ballet, jazz, broadway, hip-hop and the finale which was a tribute to The Beatles which explains the British flag outfit.  This layout uses up some papers from an old Studio Calico kit.  I added some flair, filmstrip and wide-striped washi tape, tissue tape with music notes and wood veneers. the star that says “your’re a star” is from a set of basic grey stickers.  I just love those wood veneer stars, here’s a closer look….

2012-11-24 09.22.10

The film-strip washi tape acts as an anchor for the layout and is quite appropriate for the subject matter.

2012-11-24 09.22.20

Just a quick note about the photos, I took these photos of Leah in my makeshift home studio that I set up in my garage when I want to get some studio type photos.  I’ll be doing a post on that later when I set it up for this year’s dance photo shoot to give you some idea of how easy it is to take better photos at home with few do-it-yourself studio props.  Stay tuned for that.

All the best to the students and staff of the Dance Centre for another great show!  


Drinking:  Lots of water.  A big change from the lots of wine that I drank during my two weeks in Italy!


Eating: Just finished a lovely beef stir-fry for dinner.

Listening: Have been listening to old Great Big Sea CDs…saw them live at Mile One Centre this past weekend and it brought back lots of memories!

Wearing: In my comfort clothes tonight….pajamas bottoms and a long sleeve tshirt.

Reading: Emails and work stuff mostly, been busy trying to get caught back up, that’s the worst part of taking a vacation.

Feeling: tired…it’s been so busy, vacation for two weeks which brought me right smack into the middle of grad week, prom on Friday night, followed by Safe Grad, Leah’s Spring Recital, dinner with friends, GBS concert, a run to the cabin on Sunday.


Weather:   overcast today and 8 degrees, it’s cleared up into a beautiful night and there is a lovely full moon in the sky.

Wanting: warmer, sunnier days, it’s time for spring to arrive already.

Needing:  a relaxing weekend with lots of downtime.

Wishing: it was day one of my vacation in Italy and I could do it all over again!


Thinking: how great it was to meet up with a dear old friend this weekend and catch up, need to do it more often.

Enjoying: Watching the handsome, thoughtful young man that my son has become.


Loving: that the Leafs made the playoffs, hopefully they will make a decent run for the Cup this year. Go, Leafs, Go!

“Currently” becomes a part of my monthly layout for the ‘Keeping Track of Life’ class with Krista at The Paperie.